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Ankara at night


About the Program

The Turkish Flagship Program provides an opportunity for undergraduate students at Indiana University Bloomington to achieve advanced language proficiency in Turkish while pursuing a degree in their chosen field. Our students study abroad, build highly marketable skills that set them apart when looking for jobs right out of college, and have fun while doing it! Interested? We’ll also help you find funding for the entire experience!


The Language Flagship is a rigorous program of study in 12 languages at 23 universities across the United States. IU is home to three programs—Chinese, Swahili and Turkish. Read more.


Alumni Spotlight: Victoria Rust

A former Flagship student, Victoria is currently living abroad in Turkey and putting her language skills to use as she pursues her Master’s degree at Mersin University. Read more.

Adventures in Ankara

See what Turkish Flagship student, Haily Merritt, is experiencing last summer in Turkey with CLS.



Student Spotlight: Caroline Stokes

A rising senior from Gaithersburg, Maryland, Caroline Stokes is currently pursuing a dual-major in Central Eurasian Studies and International Studies. Read more.

What is it like to be a Turkish Flagship student? See what they have to say:

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Summer Language Workshop

IU Language Flagship Centers:


Partnership with ROTC:

We have scholarships available for IU Army and Air Force ROTC Cadets! Contact us and read here to find out more!


Turkish Flagship Recruitment Scholarship


Turkish Flagship is offering a $9000 merit-based scholarship to two incoming freshman joining Turkish Flagship. The award will be distributed in increments of $3,000 over three years. Students must be admitted to the program by the end of August to be considered. For more information, please contact

Summer 2016 Highlights: Flagship at the Summer Language Workshop


In July, the Turkish Flagship collaborated with IU’s renowned Summer Language Workshop to offer several Turkish cultural activities. Workshop students celebrated the end of Ramazan with Turkish tea and traditional sweets prepared by their Turkish instructors. During a Turkish folk-dancing session, Flagship instructors taught the Damat Halayı or Groom’s Dance; the Kurdish Şemmame, a hugely popular wedding dance; and the Roma Çiçekçi Kız or Flower Girl dance. Students enjoyed learning and playing tavla (Turkish backgammon) and creating works of ebru or Turkish water marbling. These traditions have been important in Turkey since the early Ottoman period. Turkish Flagship staff were excited to support the Summer Language Workshop students in their pursuit of new activities—and to present them in a partial immersion setting!


Summer 2016 Highlights: Turkish is Global


For the second year in a row, the Turkish Flagship presented Turkish language and culture sessions at Business is Global, a summer program for top high schoolers organized by Indiana University’s Institute for International Business. The program opened with Culture Night, where the program’s 37 participants enjoyed their first taste of the food and traditions of Turkey, China, and East Africa. At this event, Balkan musician and instructor Svetla Vladeva introduced the group to Ottoman, Turkish, and shared regional musical traditions and led everyone in circle dancing. Turkish Flagship staff also offered evil eye bracelet-making and served traditional Turkish tea.

During the second week of their program, Flagship instructors introduced Business is Global participants to basic Turkish language with themed lessons in “Turkish business culture” and “popular music.” By the end of the third lesson, participants were reading, singing, and presenting in Turkish. They also got creative during a Turkish water marbling session, learned three Turkish folk dances, and played Turkish backgammon, a fun and relaxing activity that preceded the final component of their two-week program: international business plan presentations. More information on the Business is Global program can be found here.


Culture Night



Language Class




Turkish Flagship Students Awarded the Boren Scholarship


The Turkish Flagship Center is thrilled to announce that seniors Casey Vaughn and Neeli Southwick have earned the Boren Scholarship to support their Flagship Capstone study next year. Casey and Neeli put exceptional effort into applying for study abroad scholarships this year, and receiving the Boren is a huge recognition of the time and energy they put into their applications—as well as their many achievements throughout their undergraduate careers. Both Casey and Neeli are interested in utilizing their Turkish language skills with a career in the Federal government. This year, the Institute for International Education received 820 undergraduate student applications for the scholarship, which supports study in Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Of the 165 awardees nationwide, Neeli and Casey are the only two IU Bloomington students who were granted the scholarship. For more information about their achievement, please see the following press releases by Overseas Study and the School of Global and International Studies.

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