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Ankara at night

About the Program

Youtube Video: The Language Flagship

Click here to view the Language Flagship program’s video.

The Turkish Flagship is an undergraduate program at Indiana University in Bloomington designed for students who wish to achieve advanced professional proficiency in Turkish while pursuing a degree in their chosen field. The Flagship is a rigorous program of study in Turkish language to enable highly-motivated students to become global professionals.


Turkish Talk: The Art of Ebru

Join us for "Suya Resim Yapmak: Ebru Sanatı," or "Water Marbling: The Art of Ebru". Ebru is a traditional Turkish art, which involves painting on water and then transferring the painting onto paper. All students of Turkish and native speakers are welcome to attend!

Victoria’s Participation in International Migrants Day

Victoria Rust, a Turkish Flagship student on her capstone year in Turkey, was recently invited to serve as an emcee for an International Migrants Day celebration. The event was organized by the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of the Interior on December 18th, 2013. In attendance were international students attending Gazi University, Hacettepe University, and Ankara University. Students from Tömer's Ankara Branches performed throughout the reception as well. To see Victoria in action, please watch the first 47 seconds of this video.

For more information, please see the Turkish article titled "18 December International Migrants Day was celebrated in Ankara."

Turkish Poetry Night

Thursday, April 3rd, the Turkish Flagship Center and the Turkish Student Association hosted a Turkish Poetry Night from 7:00-8:30pm in the Eigenmann Formal Lounge. Everyone was invited to recite a favorite poem in Turkish as part of a recitation competition. Any type of poem from ancient to contemporary was acceptable, including poems authored by participants. Memorization was not required, but those who did received extra consideration by the judges. There were also three separate competitions: one for native speakers of Turkish, one for native speakers of a Turkic language, and one for learners. We had prizes for each competition, including gift certificates to local restaurants and books. There were also an assortment of appetizers, tea and baklava generously provided by Anatolia and Sofra Café and Bakery, as well as classic and Turkish music.

A total of seventeen students recited a poem, with nine learners of Turkish, four native speakers of a Turkic language, and four native speakers of Turkish participating. Poem selections varied greatly, with some students reciting from such renowned poets as Nazım Hikmet Ran and Orhan Veli, and others reciting poems they had composed themselves. The competition was close, but the judges, Prof. Kemal Silay and Zeynep Elbasan, were able to unanimously select the winners of each competition. Grace Burris won for learners of Turkish, Gulomjon Alimov for native speakers of a Turkic language, and Hatice Hatipoğlu for native speakers of Turkish. Rebecca Mueller, performing with her daughter, Annica, received second place in the Turkish learner category.

Are you motivated to add professional fluency in a critical language to your resume? Interested in studying abroad in Turkey? Current IU undergraduates can apply to join the Turkish Flagship.

So what is it like to be a Turkish Flagship student? See what they have to say





Turkish Flagship Events


Movie Night

Time: 7-9 pm

Date: Thursday, February 20th

Turkish Talk: Turkish Literature (More Info)

Time: 7-8 pm

Date: Tuesday, February 25th

Location: Woodburn Hall, Room 004

Conversation Table

Time: Beginners: 1-2 pm Advanced: 2-3 pm

Date: Every Friday

Location: IMU Starbucks


Game Night

Time: 6-8 pm

Date: Sunday, March 9th

Conversation Table

Time: Beginners: 1-2 pm Advanced: 2-3 pm

Date: Every Friday

Location: IMU Starbucks


Poetry Night

Time: 7-8 pm

Date: Thursday, April 3rd

Location: Eigenmann Formal Lounge

Turkish Flagship Recruitment and Culture Night

Time: 6-7 pm

Date: Friday, April 11th

Location: Collins Coffee-House (541 N. Woodlawn)

Who: Undergraduates of all majors

Turkish Talk: Water Marbling: The Art of Ebru

Time: 7-8 pm

Date: Tuesday, April 29th

Location: Business 211

Conversation Table

Time: Beginners: 1-2 pm Advanced: 2-3 pm

Date: Every Friday

Location: IMU Starbucks


Turkish Breafast Study Break

Time: 11 am-1 pm

Date: Saturday, May 3rd

Conversation Table

Time: Beginners: 1-2 pm Advanced: 2-3 pm

Date: Every Friday

Location: IMU Starbucks

Please visit the event calendar page for more information about the events.

IU Events


Navruz Celebration

Time: 5:30 pm

Date: Saturday, March 29th

Location: Willkie Auditorium


Open Forum: “The Current Crisis in Turkey and Its Global Implications”

Speaker: Şule Perinçek, Workers Party of Turkey

Time: 8:00 pm

Date: Sunday, April 13th

Location: Woodburn Hall 120 

Assesing Erdoğan's Antisemitism

Speaker: Dr. Günther Jikeli

Time: 7-8:30 pm

Date: Friday, April 18th

Location: Swain East 140

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