Core Faculty

Kemal Silay

Kemal Silay

Director, Turkish Flagship Program

Director, Turkish Studies Program

Ottoman and Modern Turkish Endowed Chair Professor

Professor, Turkish Language and Literature

Professor, Central Eurasian Studies

  • ksilay@indiana.edu
  • (812) 855-5227
  • Global and International Studies Building 3023

Research Interests
Ottoman philology; Ottoman court poetry; feminisms in Turkey and the Middle East; Turkish popular culture; Turkish oral literature; postmodernism; social informatics

Sibel Ariogul Crum

Sibel Ariogul Crum

Lecturer, Central Eurasian Studies

  • sariogul@indiana.edu
  • (812) 856-5613
  • Global and International Studies Building 3021

Research Interests
language pedagogy, foreign language teacher training, critical languages in the U.S., immersion education

Zeynep Elbasan

Zeynep Elbasan

Associate Instructor, Turkish Studies

  • zelbasan@indiana.edu
  • Goodbody Hall 157