Zeynep Elbasan

Zeynep Elbasan


Tutoring Coordinator

Overseas Curriculum Advisor

Central Eurasian Studies

IU Bloomington

Full Biography

Zeynep Elbasan is a lecturer in Central Eurasian Studies teaching language and content courses. In addition, she serves the Turkish Flagship as a tutor coordinator and overseas curriculum advisor. Zeynep has taught Turkish at all levels as an associate instructor at IU, as well as at the Summer Language Workshop (SLW). She has presented at regional and international conferences and has given lectures on language pedagogy and Turkish literature, culture, and history. Her research, situated at the next of medieval studies and comparative literature, analyzes the works of medieval women writers in the Ottoman Empire. Fluent in English and my native Turkish, Zeynep is also proficient in Farsi and Ottoman, and her research languages include German and French.

Courses Taught
Introductory Turkish I-II
Intermediate Turkish I-II
Intensive Intermediate Turkish I-II
Advanced Turkish I-II

Fourth Year Turkish I-II
Ottoman Classical Age
Contemporary Turkey
Modern Turkish Literature in Translation