Amy Ensen

Amy Sophiamehr

Assistant Director

Full Biography

Amy Sophiamehr joined the Turkish Flagship Program in November 2017. Amy has a Bachelor's degree in Linguistic Studies from Syracuse University, a Master's degree in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures from Indiana University (IU), and a Master's degree in Turkish Studies from Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Her M.A. thesis at Sabanci University focused on the sociolinguistic role of Ottoman Turkish and Arabic in Turkish nationalism. In addition to Turkish, Amy is highly proficient in Arabic. She lived and studied in several Arab countries, including Morocco, Jordan, and Egypt. In 2014 she was a program assistant for the Middlebury College's Arabic Summer School and in 2016 she was an Arabic tutor at the Arabic Flagship Program at the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

Prior to joining the Turkish Flagship Program, Amy was a grant writer for The Language Conservancy, securing private and federal grants to help save Native American languages from extinction. In her spare time she can be found cooking, hula-hooping and writing poetry.